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A St. Louis Lawn without fertilizer will struggle to maintain growth and color. Fertilizing increases growth, color, vigor, hardiness, thickens the grass and is the mainstay of having a rich dark lawn. While Fertilizing alone will not provide a perfect lawn, it is a key component of lawn care in the St. Louis area.

Fertilizer has three main elements. Nitrogen, (the first number) Phosphate, (the middle number) and Potash (the last number). Each element has a particular purpose as to what it does to a grass plant. Let's be simple here and just say that your lawn needs all of the above, but in different amounts. Nitrogen is the most used of the elements. It produces fast growth, dark color and helps thicken the grass. But a Fertilizer that is high in Nitrogen and low in Phosphate and Potash will create too much top growth and not enough root growth or energy storage for recovery.


A balanced fertilizing program for your lawn will include all three main elements. 

The level of maintenance you want to give your lawn will determine your fertilizing schedule. Some people will only fertilize in the fall, some fall and spring, and others follow a strict 4 or 6 application schedule for each year. The time to start Fertilizing is 30 days prior to the start of the growing season. . In our area that is the beginning of March to the beginning of April.  A four application program will be spread out approximately 60 days apart through the growing season 


Key Benefits


Provides Dark green rich turf color

      Keeps grass healthy

      Keeps grass thick helping to keep weeds out


Fertilizing a lawn regularly will give it a healthy green color as well as help prevent disease and weed problems. If a lawn is well fed and growing rapidly, disease spots on the grass blades are mowed off before they become visible. A thick lawn will prevent weeds from getting started.


At St. Louis Lawn Care we will work with you to outline the best fertilization plan for your lawn.  We know how St. Louis Missouri lawns react to the fertilizer in the different seasons that we have here in St. Louis. 


Get all of the benefits of a fertilization program with the great service of St. Louis Lawn Care.



Organic Fertilizer


St. Louis Lawn Care offers organic fertilizer.  The experts at St. Louis Lawn Care can customize an organic fertilizer program that will help promote a healthy, green lawn.  If you would prefer the organic fertilizer treatment, give us a call. 



For a fertilizer program customized to your lawn, give Tim at St. Louis Lawn Care a call.  314-974-5911. 

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More about Fertilizer and the Treatments


Fertilizer is essential to maintain a healthy weed-free lawn.  A good fertilizer program will strengthen the roots and the grass and prevent weed growth.  Weeds are opportunistic plants that will take over a yard at the first sign of weakness.  A good fertilizer program is the best defense against weeds and the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy lawn.


Fertilizers combined with weed control are the best defense against weeds.  The best time to control weeds is in the spring, before the weather gets too hot.  In early spring a fertilizer with a pre-emergent crab grass control is ideal.  This application of fertilizer along with the pre-emergent crab grass control should prevent the crab grass from growing.  The weeds are not growing in the winter, so getting to the weeds before they start to grow in the spring is a huge advantage.  This is more of a preventative measure to decrease the potential for future weeds.


In the springtime a second application of pre-emergent fertilizer is applied to help prevent late growing crabgrass.  A weed spray will be needed to control the broadleaf weeds at this time.  This  .broadleaf weed control will be applied in the spring when the weeds are actively growing.  By this time the dandelion, the most prevalent and recognizable of the broadleaf weeds are actively growing.  The dandelion is a perennial weed, and if left untreated, it will return year after year.  To rid your yard of the eye-catching yellow flowers, and other weeds a good fertilizer paired with weed control program in the spring will put a lawn on the right track to defend weeds and continue to grow for the rest of the year.


The fall is a perfect time to fertilize.  The weather is changing, and there is more moisture on the ground with rainfall and dew.  Fall is a great time to promote root growth and establish the lawn for the next year.  The fall fertilizer application will provide the lawn with the nutrients needed to recover from the summer stress and give the lawn the ability to grow strong, deep roots.


Early fall is a good time to feed the lawn with a fall lawn fertilizer. The fall fertilizing is one of the most important treatments of all of the fertilizer applications, because it will help stimulate root growth throughout the fall and winter.  Ultimately, the fall fertilizer will lead to deeper roots, and deeper roots will lead to better top growth and an overall healthier lawn.  The fall fertilizer will keep the lawn looking nice and healthy throughout the fall and winter.


Finally a winterizing fertilizer will be applied in late fall to promote deep root growth.  In the fall the blades of the grass, or the part that is growing above ground will slow down and prepare for winner, but the roots below ground are still growing and setting themselves in the soil below.  The St. Louis Fertilizer Company will apply a true winterizing fertilizer that will provide a higher percentage phosphorus and potassium (potash) the second and third numbers on the bag while its nitrogen level (first number) is now the lowest (just the opposite of summer fertilizers). It is a “true” winterizing fertilizer because our fertilizer will promote root growth for the rest of the fall and throughout the winter.


Many homeowners do not realize the importance of a good fertilizer program.  A well designed fertilizer program will help resist weeds and common lawn diseases.  Fertilizers are often applied after the homeowner realizes that their lawn has already been taken over with weeds and is no longer green.  A good fertilizer program is used as a preventive measure to keep the lawn healthy and weed free.


At The St. Louis Fertilizer Company we enjoy working with the homeowner to provide the best fertilizer program for the lawn and the budget.

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