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Lawn Care Services:

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- Lawn mowing, trimming, edging and blowing

- Landscaping

- Fertilization Programs

- Organic Fertilizer Programs

- Mulch

- Core Aerating

- Overseeding

- Retaining Walls

- Sod

- Leaf Removal - Lawn Cleanup - Leaf Vacuuming

- St. Louis Landscape Lighting

- St. Louis Snow Removal

- Commercial Lawn Equipment Rental

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St. Louis Lawn Care specializes in residential and commercial lawn care and land maintenance. With over 16 years experience in the lawn care business in St. Louis we will make your lawn look great. Get your lawn professionally striped like the outfield in Busch Stadium, or like a fairway on a nice golf course. We will work with you to provide you with a lawn you will be proud of.


Give us a call and we will come analyze your lawn. Let us help you grow the best looking yard in the neighborhood


St. Louis Lawn Care will enhance the look of your lawn. We will cut your grass, fertilize your lawn, aerate, and overseed. With this combination of services, you will have the best lawn in the neighborhood. St. Louis Lawn Care specializes in maintaining lawns all over the St. Louis area.


If you are looking for a professional, reliable, experienced lawn service company to maintain your lawn, then give St. Louis Lawn Care a call.

See below for Seasonal Lawn Services in St. Louis, MO


St. Louis Lawn Care is offering aeration and over seeding for the fall


The extreme conditions of the St. Louis summer has thinned out and damaged many yards. Aerating will provide a much needed stress relief for your lawn. And the over seeding will thicken up your lawn and provide a head start for the following spring.


Benefits of aerating your lawn

- Enhances soil water uptake

- Reduces water runoff

- Improves seed and fertilizer uptake

- Reduces soil compaction

- Enhances thatch breakdown


If you would like a free estimate or more information call Tim at 314-974-5911


Fall leaf removal time is here. Let St. Louis Lawn Care do your leaf clean up and get it ready for next spring.


Remove all of the falling leaves and debris from your lawn and give it a better start in the spring season. A fall leaf clean up will remove the excess leaves that will suffocate your lawn.


For a fall lawn leaf clean up call St. Louis Lawn Care at 314-974-5911

Fall Lawn Care Services:

St. Louis Lawn Care services all areas in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

We service all parts of St. Louis


We service all areas of West County, including Chesterfield, Ballwin, Des Peres, Kirkwood, Frontenac, Ladue, Town and Country


We service all areas of South County, including Fenton, Oakville, Mehlville, Affton


We service the Southern Illinois area, including Columbia and Waterloo, Illinois


We Service St. Charles County, Missouri, including O'fallon, Wentzville, Lake St. Louis, St. Peters and St. Charles


St. Louis Lawn Care's service area is not limited to the areas listed above. If you live in and around the St. Louis area call for a free estimate for lawn service.


Spring Lawn Care Services:

Landscaping Services


St. Louis Lawn Care offers a wide variety of landscaping services. Our landscaping services can add a much desired outdoor space to your house. We offer any landscape service you can think of. From small plantings, to big hardscapes and outdoor living spaces. We can handle any landscape you can dream up.


Our landscape services include everything, including, ponds, patios, retaining walls, pavers, custom designed landscape plantings, water features, irrigation systems, and more. We can perform any landscape job you can think of.


We have the experience and expertise to handle any size landscape job. St. Louis Lawn Care prides ourselves on building you the landscape of your dreams.


Custom Fertilization and Weed Control Programs


An early spring application will involve fertilizer and crab grass control. This will prevent the crabgrass from growing before it starts.


A broadleaf weedspray will take care of any broadleaf type weeds such as dandelion, clover, etc


St. Louis Lawn Care will customize a fertilization program to fit the type of grass that makes up your lawn and we will work with your budget.


St. Louis Lawn Care offers various fertilization programs based on the needs of your lawn.


For more information about the fertilization programs offered by St. Louis Lawn Care,

call Tim at 314-974-5911


Custom Organic Fertilizer Programs


St. Louis Lawn Care offers the option of organic fertilizer. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional fertilizers, organic fertilizers are the way to go.


St. Louis Lawn Care can customize an organic fertilizer program for your yard. Call now for a free estimate on our organic fertilizer programs


For more information about the organic fertilization programs offered by St. Louis Lawn Care,

call Tim at 314-974-5911


Spring Aeration and Overseeding


The ideal time for aeration and overseeding is in the fall, but the next best time is spring. If you did not get a chance to aerate and overseed your lawn in the fall, then early spring is a good time to do so.


Have a full, green lawn when summer comes around with aeration and overseeding


Call Tim at 314-974-5911


Spring Lawn Mowing


Let St. Louis Lawn Care mow your lawn this season. St. Louis Lawn Care will mow your lawn and keep the grass cut at the correct height all year long. Don't spend all of your time mowing your lawn. St. Louis Lawn Care will mow your lawn at a great price.


Call today for a free estimate.


Call Tim at 314-974-5911

Call St. Louis Lawn Care to have your lawn mowed and looking great week after week.


A key part of maintaining a beautiful lawn is mowing. Mowing is what is done most frequently. A lawn that is mowed correctly will be healthy and this will help defend off weeds. Mowing the lawn can be a chore, and that is why St. Louis Lawn Care is here to help. At St. Louis Lawn Care we will cut your grass at the optimum height for your type of grass and time of year. St. Louis Lawn Care performs regular maintenance on all equipment to ensure that we are cutting your grass with the sharpest blades possible. The sharp blades will give your grass a clean cut without damaging the leaf of the grass. St. Louis Lawn Care will leave the professional looking stripes in the grass after we mow your lawn.


To some people mowing the lawn can be a hassle and a waste of time. At St. Louis Lawn Care we love to mow lawns and we would love to cut your grass. St. Louis Lawn Care takes pride in every lawn that we maintain. We want every lawn that we maintain to look the best. St. Louis Lawn Care is an experienced professional service company that can help make your lawn look better than it ever has before.

St. Louis Lawn Care


738 Napton Ave

St. Louis, MO 63088

Summer Lawn Care Services:

Summer Lawn Mowing


The lawn needs to be mowed all year long. Cutting the grass at the right height during the hot St. Louis summer can save a lawn. St. Louis Lawn Care will mow your lawn at the optimum height all summer long.


Flower Beds and Landscape Weeding


St. Louis Lawn Care offers a service that involves cleaning out and weeding all flower beds and landscaped areas.


Weeds can grow out of control in the summertime, especially in flower beds and landscaped areas. Let St. Louis Lawn Care remove and dispose of overgrown debris and weeds. Call today to inquire about this service


Summer Fungicide application


Fungus and disease can wreak havoc on lawns during the summer. The summers in St. Louis will stress your lawn out and allow lawn fungus and disease to take over. St. Louis Lawn Care offers fungicide applications to help prevent fungus and disease from taking over your lawn.

Snow Removal in St. Louis


St. Louis Lawn Care offers snow removal. St. Louis snow removal involves snow plowing from asphalt, and snow shoveling and snow blowing from sidewalks and other areas. We also offer salt, and ice melt services to prevent ice from freezing on walking areas.


Give us a call today to set up a snow and ice maintenance schedule for this winter. Don't wait until it is too late to find a reliable, dependable snow removal service in St. Louis. We are very reliable, and show up when you need us most. Call today for more information about our snow removal service.


Make sure that your property is clean and safe after a snow storm.

Winter Snow Removal Service:

Why you should choose St. Louis Lawn Care, Inc.


- We are family owned and operated


St. Louis Lawn Care is owned by Dan Jenkerson and his two sons. Dan is a Police Officer and Firefighter in the City of Des Peres, MO. What this means is that you will be dealing and speaking directly with an owner of the business when you call us. If you call, we answer, or do our best to return your call as soon as possible. You will have a direct line to an owner at all times so any questions that may arise will be gladly answered by an owner of the business. We offer superior customer service, we want you to be pleased with your lawn service and we want you have the best lawn possible.


- We are experienced and care about our customers' lawns


St. Louis Lawn Care has been around since 1995. Lawn companies come and go every year, but we are here to stay. We continue to build our business by offering great value to our customers. We offer experienced, top notch lawn services at great prices. Our friendly owners and staff are always happy to talk about your lawn, or whatever else you might have concerns about


- We are fully insured


We stress safety with our employees and we have never had a claim on our insurance, but we carry both general liability and workman's comp insurance for your piece of mind. This means if we happen to damage your property or someone injures themselves you are not liable for the damages, everything is covered by us and the insurance company. Many lawn services do not carry these insurances and they put their customers at risk, but we at St. Louis Lawn Care want our customers to feel comfortable while we service your property.


- We are reliable


We show up when we say we are going to show up. We will be at your lawn every week when you are a customer of ours. We have back up for all of our equipment in case any of our trucks or mowers break down we can replace them at our shop. This means that St. Louis Lawn Care will be at your lawn when we say we will be there.

Discount on Winter Landscaping Services


If you are need of any landscaping services, winter is the time to do it. We can offer big discounts on any landscaping projects you may need.


We can create, design and install any size landscape and hardscape. Everything from custom landscaping, retaining walls, hardscapes, sod installation, patios, driveways, irrigation, sprinkler systems, ponds, water features and anything you can think of outside, we can do it!


Get your landscape installed in the winter and you will be able to enjoy it in the spring!

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June 4, 2013

Spring recap in St. Louis 2013


So it has been a couple months since I last wrote anything and this spring has been a wet one. As I write this we are way above average on rainfall this year in St. Louis. It seems like it has been raining every other day. The rivers are busting out of their banks and the ground is saturated.


What this means for your lawn: read more.